The Viking Scholarship is a unique, competitive, esteemed opportunity to join a global community of past recipients while traveling extensively and studying at world renowned universities.

We offer selective scholarships for students from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland to study at The University of Wisconsin-Madison, and scholarships for students from The University of Wisconsin-Madison to study across Scandinavia & Finland.  All scholars become members of the greater Viking community upon selection.

Each year, the Brittingham Viking Organization selects 12-14 new Vikings to join our ever-growing international family. New scholar selections are integral to the growth and influence of our organization. Our goal is to choose the best and brightest individuals from each country to proudly represent our organization in the world.  Few organizations have as extensive a reach yet as tight a bond as the Brittingham Viking Organization.  Vikings thrive in every facet of society and live around the globe helping to broaden our reach and spread our mission. As our founder, Tom Brittingham, once said:

The results of the Viking and International programs will prove to be far more permanent and everlasting, as the ripples of influence expand in ever enlarging circles, than any granite tombstone with which they might mark my grave in the years to come.”

Please explore the opportunities for your nationality below: