These scholarships are about getting first-hand experience of American culture and fostering bonds between the Nordic countries and the United States. You are expected to act as an ambassador for Scandinavia during your stay in the United States and participate at events organized by the BVO.Our flagship scholarship program for Scandinavians follows the academic year 2020-2021 at UW-Madison, and covers housing, tuition, study abroad fees, and includes a generous travel and living stipend. During the Fall Semester our scholars are encouraged to take classes outside their main academic discipline, and in the Spring Semester, Viking Scholars focus on subjects related to their major. This allows our scholars to broaden their academic horizon and gain valuable perspective to their academic and professional trajectory.

Scholarship applicants must be available to attend UW-Madison for two semesters of studies from late August 2020 to late May 2021. All Selected Viking Scholars will also be required to attend the annual BVO Convention in Oslo, August 2021.

In addition to studying abroad, all of our scholarship recipients become life-long members of the Brittingham Viking Alumni Organization. Our alumni network consists of around 500 scholarship recipients from the last 65 years, and provides valuable connections for future academic and professional opportunities. Our alumni network also offers our scholars unique travel opportunities around the United States while studying abroad. Our scholarship recipients receive earmarked funds in form of a travel stipend, allowing them to visit Viking alumni from coast to coast. During school breaks Viking scholars are expected to travel together on traditional road trips, visiting the homes of American “Vikings” along the way. Our scholars often get to see large parts of the country, with the current record standing at all 50 states in a year.

Deadline for Danes:     November 11, 2019
Deadline for Finns, Norwegians, and Swedes:     January 20, 2020



  • Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish citizens.
  • You are currently enrolled at an approved university or college pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • You must be able to study, live and travel in the USA for a full academic year.
  • You are a person who loves making new friends, with a keen interest in international relations in general, and in America in particular.
  • You are a devoted student with great social skills, high values, and integrity. Involvement in extracurricular activities, leadership experience or organizational work will be advantageous.
  • You have strong academic records and have good written and verbal communication skills in English.



For over 50 years, the Brittingham Viking Organization (BVO) has provided Scandinavian & American students with unique scholarships for studies at the highly regarded University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) and across the Nordic Capitals.

In 1953 Thomas Brittingham Jr., a philanthropist and investor, initiated a scholarship program by bringing two students from each of the four Nordic countries to his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, for one academic year. Tom believed that international understanding could be achieved by building personal relationships between people. The recipients of the scholarship, the Vikings, formed an alumni network, the Brittingham Viking Organization (BVO).

BVO scholars of today can be found in top positions in business, education, politics and government in the Nordic countries as well as in the United States. Every year, the Vikings meet at an annual convention to rekindle old friendships and discuss future endeavors. In 2020, the 67th annual convention will be held in Helsinki, Finland.



The city of Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and has about 200 000 inhabitants. Madison is dominated by the university and its more than 40 000 students.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, has an excellent reputation in a number of academic fields, including business, law, engineering, political science, medicine, and sociology. The university was ranked amongst the top 20 in the 2012 Shanghai Ranking of World Universities.

University sports are an integral part of campus life and Madison is considered to be the best college sports town in the country. The UW-Athletics teams, the Badgers, are successful in multiple sports, including basketball, hockey and football with the autumn football games as the highlight of the season, with the whole city coming together to cheer in the 83 000 capacity football stadium.

Learn more about UW-Madison here.



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The Brittingham Viking Full-Year Scholarship

– An Academic Year in America
Study at one of the top U.S. universities and experience the true American college life. Visit members of a unique alumni network through extensive travels in the USA. Get an unrivaled opportunity to dive into American society and culture. 


Deadline for Danes:     November 11, 2019
Deadline for Finns, Norwegians, and Swedes:     January 20, 2020

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  • Academic Year 2020-2021
  • Scholarship covers travel expenses to and from Madison, tuition, accommodation and basic living expenses
  • Travel across the US visiting previous Viking scholars
  • Thousands of courses to choose from at UW-Madison