Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Brittingham Viking Organization (BVO) and how does it involve scholars?
The BVO is an alumni organization whose primary members are scholarship recipients, informally called “Vikings.” Viking family members and honorary Vikings are also considered a part of the BVO. The BVO is responsible for organizing alumni reunions, scholarship selections, fundraising, and alumni communications. The BVO holds an annual reunion called convention. Convention usually takes place in August or September and each year the location rotates between Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Madison, WI. Following his/her selection, new Vikings are immediately part of the Viking family. After a new scholar’s scholarship experience abroad, scholars are expected to play an active role in the organization’s administration upon return. New Vikings are specifically encouraged to play a role in marketing the scholarship, participating in selections, and apprenticing the next generation of scholars. Participation in the BVO is a lifelong opportunity. Vikings from all generations are encouraged to host visiting scholars in their homes, attend BVO social events, take part in BVO fundraising, contribute to the BVO newsletter “The Ripples”, and more.


2. What defines a Viking scholar?
Viking scholars have a range of backgrounds, interests, and involvements. Recipients of Viking scholarships tend to be academically motivated, socially active, and globally minded. They are also students who have an active presence in the classroom and in the community. Vikings scholars have an interest in making meaningful connections in other parts of the world as well as in the place they call home. Scholarship selection committees look for applicants who demonstrate initiative, responsibility, and creativity in their pursuits. Another aspect of Viking scholars is the importance of loyalty and commitment. Every Viking will give her/his own definition of what it means to be a Viking, dependent upon their varying experiences, perspective and involvement.


3. What do the scholarships cover?
Each scholarship is administered differently, but broadly speaking, the scholarships provide for full-time study with housing and travel allowances. As with any travel abroad experience, scholars should expect to pay moderate out-of-pocket expenses. Scholars are encouraged to secure additional funding to cover costs associated with international travel opportunities.


4. Who can apply for the Viking scholarships?
University of Wisconsin-Madison full-time undergraduate and graduate students who are U.S. citizens can apply for scholarships to study abroad in Denmark, Finland, Norway, or Sweden. U.S. applicants do not need to be of Scandinavian heritage to receive a scholarship. Citizens of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden who are full-time university students at one of our approved universities have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a full academic year.

Approved Universities:

Aalto University
Hanken School of Economics
University of Helsinki
BI Norwegian Business School – Bergen
BI Norwegian Business School – Oslo
BI Norwegian Business School – Stavanger
BI Norwegian Business School – Trondheim
NTNU – The Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim
UiB – University of Bergen
UiO – University of Oslo
UiT – University of Tromsø
CBS – Copenhagen Business School
DTU – Technical University of Denmark
KU – University of Copenhagen
Lund University
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
SSE – Stockholm School of Economics
Stockholm University
Uppsala University


5. What should applicants expect from the interview process?
Applicants who are offered an interview should expect to meet with a panel of Viking scholarship alumni during the interview process. The interviews are professional in nature. Interviewees should expect a range of questions about their academic and social pursuits as well as their specific interests in studying abroad on a Viking scholarship.


6. Who should applicants contact for additional information?
Use the contact form at the bottom of our website. Our outreach team will follow up with you as soon as possible.