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Welcome to the

Brittingham Viking Organization
70th Annual Convention

Welcome to Madison, Vikings!

The 2023 Convention Planning committee could not be more excited to welcome so many Vikings back to Madison for this milestone convention. Madison is the city that all Vikings have in common, and we know this reunion is as meaningful and long-awaited for you as it is for us. We hope this 70th Annual Convention will be a way to reconnect with old friends, create memories with new ones, and reignite our shared love for this incredible organization.

We have an exciting Convention weekend planned, and we hope you take advantage of all that Madison has to offer. In this welcome information, you will find:

You can click on the items above to jump right to the information you're looking for. If you'd prefer, you can also look at a PDF packet of these welcome materials or request one of the limited printed copies.

If you have any questions ahead of Convention weekend, please reach out During Convention, please send a message in the WhatsApp group.

Cheers, skål, kippis to a great 70th Convention!

In the Bonds,

The 2023 Convention Committee

Itinerary of Events

Click on the images below to visit webpages for each of the Convention 2023 venues and scroll down to read the itinerary in more detail.

Cooper's Bier Hall_edited.jpg

Thursday, 17 August, 2023

Pre-Registration Event

17 Aug, 2023, 7:00 to 10:00 pm @ Camp Trippalindee

601 Langdon St, Madison, WI 53703

Welcome back to Madison! Join us for laid back appetizers, drinks, and unparalleled views of State Street and the Capitol at the Graduate Hotel’s rooftop bar. Pick up your registration materials for the weekend and let the fun begin.

Dress Code: Come as you are!

Friday, 18 August, 2023

Annual Meeting

18 Aug, 2023, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm @ the Fluno Center

601 University Ave, Madison, WI 53715

The Annual Meeting will be conducted on campus midday at the Fluno Center Auditorium with lunch provided. The meeting itself is for Vikings only; guests are welcome to join at 11:30 am for lunch, Ted Talks, and Viking Memorials. Guests are encouraged to try out the photo scavenger hunt or another recommended activity during the meeting.

Dress Code: Business Casual

Cocktail Hour

18 Aug, 2023, 4:00 pm to 6:00 @ Blind Shot Social Club

77 S Fair Oaks Ave, Madison, WI 53704

Blind Shot offers indoor golf simulators, games, and a great atmosphere. We'll have the place to ourselves, so spend the afternoon here with us prior to Informal Dinner, which is just next door! Drink tickets and hors d'oeuvres included.

A shuttle will run from the Concourse Hotel to Blind Shot Social Club between 3:45 and 4:30.

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Informal Dinner

18 Aug, 2023, 6:00 pm @ Garver Feed Mill

3241 Garver Green, Madison, WI 53704

Informal dinner will be held at the newly renovated Garver Feed Mill on Madison’s Near East Side. Entertainment for the evening includes a classic Wisconsin polka band and dance lessons! 

A shuttle will be available to take attendees back to the Concourse Hotel after informal dinner.

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Note: Table assignments for Informal Dinner are indicated on the back of your name tag.

Saturday, 19 August, 2023

Stadium Tour

19 Aug, 2023, 12:30 to 2:30 pm @ Camp Randall Stadium

1440 Monroe St, Madison, WI 53711

On, Wisconsin! Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of Camp Randall, complete with remarks from a member of the coaching staff. Lunch is not included, so be sure to grab a bite beforehand.

Meet at Gate 1 of Camp Randall (click here for a map of Camp Randall). If you need parking, paid parking is available in Lot 17. Gates 2 and 3 will be open for access from Lot 17; walk through to Gate 1. You may also be able to find free street parking near the stadium. Lot 18 is closed for volleyball.

Dress Code: Badger gear or red and white encouraged

Formal Dinner

19 Aug, 2023, 5:00 pm @ Memorial Union Great Hall

800 Langdon St, Madison, WI 53715

Join us for Formal Dinner at Memorial Union’s Great Hall. We are excited to welcome UW's legendary band director Mike Leckrone as our keynote speaker! There will be a cocktail hour onsite immediately beforehand and Babcock ice cream for dessert.

We will be taking a formal group photo at 5:15 pm at the Union—don't miss it! We encourage you to show up before then to mingle on the Terrace.

Dress Code: Black Tie

Note: Table assignments for Formal Dinner are indicated on the back of your name tag.

Sunday, 20 August, 2023

Farewell Brunch

20 Aug, 2023, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm @ Coopers Tavern

20 W Mifflin St, Madison, WI 53703

Wrap up your Convention experience with a farewell brunch on the square. The BVO will take over Coopers Tavern's second floor Bier Hall for a buffet-style meal from 10 am to 1 pm. Come and go as you please!

Dress Code: Come as you are! (Last night's tuxes and dresses welcome.)


Interactive Map of Convention Venues

Each of the official Convention venues are plotted on this map. Just click on your destination to generate directions to the venue.

You can also click this link to access a map with additional points of interest, including popular Madison hotels, activities, and landmarks:

Interactive Map

WhatsApp & PhotoCircle Groups

Join the official Convention WhatsApp group! During Convention, you can use this group to:

  • Ask questions about Convention logistics

  • Coordinate rideshares or trips to Madison attractions during unscheduled breaks

  • Receive updates in the event of last-minute changes (e.g., due to weather)

To join the WhatsApp group, first make sure you have the (free) WhatsApp app downloaded (Android and iOS download information available here).

Then, scan the QR code below or click this link to join our group!


Join the official Convention PhotoCircle group! During Convention, you can use this group to:

  • Share the photos you have taken

  • See and download photos from other Vikings!

To join the PhotoCircle group, first make sure you have the (free) PhotoCircle app downloaded (Android and iOS download information available here).

Then, scan the QR code below or click this link to join our group!

PNG image-AD70458EDCE4-1.png
WhatsApp and PhotoCircle

Suggested Activities

Throughout the weekend, there will be some unscheduled time for you to visit old favorite spots from your time in Madison or explore places that are new to you. The Convention 2023 Committee has compiled a list of some of our favorite free or low cost activities and places to visit. Click here to see the full list.

If you're planning any extra activities, consider sending a message to the Convention WhatsApp group to see if other Vikings or plus ones would be interested in joining you!

Suggesed Activities

Madison Photo Scavenger Hunt

Looking for fun, semi-guided way to see many of Madison's best sights? Hoping for some friendly competition at this year's convention? Join in on our photo scavenger hunt around Madison! 


Paper scavenger hunt checklists will be available at the pre-registration event on Thursday. Items on the scavenger hunt list include things like...

  • A picture with the Brittingham Rune Stone (1 point)

  • A picture of a eam member(s) in Lake Mendota (1 point for hands or feet only, 5 points for full submersion)

  • A team member on Abe Lincoln’s lap (1 point)

  • A Viking’s name on a building or room (1 point)



  1. Form a scavenger hunt group of 2-5 people.

  2. Over the course of Convention weekend, find as many of these Madison sights as possible; take a picture and check it off your list!

  3. At least one group member must be visible in each photo, and every group member must appear in at least one photo.

  4. Take the photos at any point during the weekend, beginning no earlier than the start of the pre-registration event (7:00 pm on 17 August 2023) and finishing no later than the start of the farewell brunch (10:00 am on 20 August 2023).

  5. Each item is worth one point unless otherwise noted.

  6. If, at the end of the weekend, you think your group may have the most points, send an email to with the photos attached.

Scavenger Hunt

Full List of Convention Attendees

Rebecca Ahlin

Nils Apeland

Richard Apeland

David Arvold

Judith Arvold

Timothy Baardseth

Cherie Baardseth

Erik Bahri

Tyler Ballentine

David Barrett

Mary Bechtol

Madeleine Berner

Alyssa Birkeland

Kayla Blado

Grant Callow

Carol Callow

Oscar Carlsson

Cameron Casey

William Cohen

Jack Dallimore

Nathan DauSchmidt

Logan Dirkx

Erik Eisenmann

Vanessa Eisenmann

Klaus Ekelund

Henrik Eklund

Peter Englert

Marybeth Erickson

Justin Erickson

Line Falk Rasmussen

Kim Feldman

Richard Foltz

Gretchen Foltz

Matt Fox

Keith Franke

Zane Franke

Max Fries

Lynn Friess

Magnus Gottås

Christopher Grengs

Anders Grönstedt

Anna Gustafson

Magnus Håkansson

Sofie Håkansson

Terah Hennick

Caroline Victoria Hindkjær

Juni Hjermann

Jennifer Holmberg

Pete Holmgren

Kristin Holmgren

Dustin Jacqmin

Jaclyn Vitela Jacqmin

Christian Kaczmarczyk

Debbie Kalscheur

Ted Kellner

Mary Kellner

Julia Kinsey Ballentine

Hillary Kirking Reilly

Lyla Kirkpatrick

Carrie Kirkpatrick

Carly Kirkpatrick

Peter Kling

Kennedy Kling

David Knox

Diane (Dedi) Knox

Cedric Kovacs-Johnson

Håkon Knudsen Toven

Beth Kubly

Otto Kukkonen

Luke Kurey

Andrea Kurey

Charlotte LaVigna

Linda Lehto

Noëmi Liebe

Matias Lindroos

Emily Ljungqvist

Anders Loken

Elliott Luckenbill

Alexandra Luckenbill

Emily Lukasek

Andrew Lukasek

Morten Lund Jensen

TJ Madsen

Eric Malamud

Becky Mantell

Caroline Matkom

Janice McFarland

Tessa Michaelson Schmidt

Sam Moore

Debbie Muchow

Maggie Mullen

Maggie Munts

David Nagel

Russell Nelson

Judy Nelson

Lars Nielsen

Candice Nielsen

Ryan Packer

Dr. Marie Packer

Kamika Patel

Sohum Patel

Peter Penegor

Kristian Pentti

Alexis Preedge

Andrei Prokurat

T.J. Pyzyk

Laura Rantala

Brent Reilly

Dominic Ricci

Robert Richlen

Ellen Robison

Jonathan Rockey

Rachel Roesslein

Aaron Rutkowski

Mairin Ryan

Nicole Rybeck Wolcott

Annina Salvén

Eric Shansby

Erlend Sierra

McCormick Sinclair

Jacob Sindberg

Cherise Sindberg

Ion Skillrud

Sarah Skillrud

Joe Snodgrass

Oliver Stavik

Ingrid Stokstad

Anna Strand

Emma Stutzman

Sydney Sua

Annika Sucksdorff

Nicolai Sundstein

Gabriel Suppes

Elle Taylor

Mike Taylor

Robert Taylor

Tapio Teppo

Regina Tollinchi

Tom Tongue

Claire Ullrich

Peter Ullrich

Axel Vanhala

Anthony Varda

Jane Varda

Eric von Walzel

Danielle Wendricks

Randy Westman

Christian Wik

Hannah Wikum

Jeff Wolcott

Josh Wolf


Digital Snaps Songbook

In addition to paper copies of the 2023 snaps songbook at each table during formal and informal dinner, you can access a digital version here. Skål!


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