We're sad to inform you that 67th Convention will not be held in Helsinki as originally planned. Due to local and international restrictions, we've been forced to postpone Convention in Helsinki until August 2021. This doesn't mean that we can't organize Convention this year, but it does mean that the large Viking-gatherings that we are used to will look slightly different. Convention will be held online on the 22nd of August at 10AM Central Standart Time.   

Why we've made this decision

We cannot with good conscience promote international travel, and large gatherings at this time. Please keep in mind that restrictions may look slightly different in your state or country, and Convention is a gathering that requires coordination between all Viking member-countries. Given the uncertainty of all the restrictions, along with the reduced options for international travel, we simply would not be able to organize a convention that meets our high standards.

Instead, we've decided to use and improve all the planning that has been done towards Convention in Helsinki, by moving it to August 12th-15th 2021. While we're sad to postpone what will likely be the greatest convention ever, we want to make sure that we can deliver for 68th Convention instead.

How will Convention look this year and how do I attend?

We will be putting all our efforts into producing a quality online-event, most importantly for our annual general meeting, also known as the "Business Meeting". We will organize our AGM and give everyone the opportunity to participate in important decision-making, as we present the year in review and plan for the year ahead. Please sign up for the AGM before August 1st, 2020 using the registration link here.

You'll need a stable internet connection and a computer or smartphone to participate. More detailed information will be shared with all registered participants ahead of time. The agenda and accompanying materials will be made available four weeks before the AGM

In addition to the "Business Meeting", we will have presentations by our members using our "BVO Talks" format, speeches by our returning scholars, and additional surprise entertainment. 

Depending on what the situation is, each member-country has reserved the right to organize smaller local gatherings, within reason and regulations set by local authorities. If you wish to attend a local smaller convention gathering, please indicate your interest when you register for the online Convention. Details about these gatherings and the cost of attendance will be shared locally if they are possible to organize. If they happen, these mini-conventions will be organized simultaneously following the AGM on the 22nd of August.

If you already registered and paid for Convention in Helsinki, here are your options for refunds!

If you already happened to register and pay before we shut down the registration page, you can claim your refund here.

You can also choose to keep your registration for Helsinki 2021 with no additional fees, even if there's a change in prices by next year. We won't initiate any refunds before you claim them. We'll also try to do all the eventual refunds at the same time to save some of the transaction costs we'll likely incur. For this reason, we apologize if you don't receive your refund immediately.

How will this affect the current Convention Rotation and schedule?

As you may have noticed, we changed the dates slightly for 2021. This is because certain venues were no longer available for the original imagined 2021 Convention-dates. Another reason is that the new Scholarship programs that we were piloting this spring and summer, allow us to hold convention a few weeks earlier than usual. Please answer the question about dates for future Conventions when you register for the Online Convention. You can also take this survey without registering for Online Convention.

The actual rotation for hosting Convention will simply be moved up by one year. This means that 68th Convention will be held in Helsinki in 2021, and 69th Convention will be hosted by the Norwegians in Oslo in 2022. Most importantly this will return our "big" Conventions to Madison, with our 70th Convention in Madison, Wisconsin in 2023!

When can I sign up for 68th Convention in Helsinki?

We will re-open registration for Convention in Helsinki on the 22nd of August 2020 after this year's Online Convention. You'll find all relevant information about registering on this webpage. We've secured most of the originally planned venues and activities. The price will remain in the same range with the same type of progression and early sign-up deals. If you've already registered and paid for this year's convention, you can either claim a refund or use your credits toward 68th Convention.

Please sign up at the bottom of the page and please contact us with any questions


If you have any questions about Convention, please contact us at convention@brittinghamvikings.org and we'll be happy to help. We hope you are staying safe.