68th Convention


12th to the 15th of August 2021

Welcome to Viking
Convention 2021

in Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish Vikings are pleased to invite you to the annual Viking Convention. Last year we were forced hold convention and our annual business meeting online, and as a consequence postponed the scheduled convention in Helsinki by one year.

Formal Dinner
at Riddarhuset

Saturday the 14th of August at 6:30 PM

Dresscode: Black Tie



Things are looking bright in Helsinki and society is opening up at a fast pace. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it’s opening up at a fast enough pace for a full capacity convention.


We will however be organizing a formal dinner event in Helsinki on the 14th of August, within the limitations of what is allowed by the local government. The Formal dinner will be held at the legendary House of Nobility "Riddarhuset" in Helsinki.

*Due to travel restrictions still possibly being in place in August, and the late notice of the final schedule, we are preparing for lower attendance numbers than usual. If attendance is lower than 50 people or restricted to 50 people by local officials, we have arranged an alternative venue. 


The cost of attending the Formal Dinner at Riddarhuset will be 120€, which includes dinner, entertainment, and an open bar until closing.

Business Meeting

at Maria 01

Saturday the 14th of August at 2pm

Dresscode: Business Casual

The Business meeting will be held on Saturday as an online event with the possibility of attending in person. The meeting will be streamed from The Maria01 Startup Campus in Helsinki. Attendance is free.

You will be able to sign up for the Business Meeting's online and In-person event without participating in any other convention activities.  

Other Unofficial Events

around Helsinki

12th to 15th of August

If attendance is high enough and there is enough interest, we will organize additional unofficial Convention activities on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Most of these activities will be held outdoors or other public spaces subject to weather and restrictions at an additional cost.

We apologise that there isn't an exact itinerary for these events, but given the circumstances we've decided not to plan more than one large event until we know more about restrictions in August. 

If you plan on traveling to Helsinki a few days before the please let us know when registering for Saturday's Formal Dinner, and let us know which events you would be interested in.


Traveling to Helsinki this Summer - US Citizens please ready carefully


Most of Finland's population will not have received their full vaccine series by August and the Finnish borders remain

heavily regulated for non-essential travel. Non-essential travel to Finland is still not allowed for EU and Schengen Citizens without a full vaccination series (as of June 17th) and no form of leisure travel is allowed for US citizens. These restrictions will continue at least until July 11th.


At this time we cannot guarantee that traveling to Finland for convention will be allowed if you don’t have a full vaccination series. There is a risk that Americans won’t be allowed to travel for non-essential purposes, even with a full vaccine.

Please keep this in mind when booking tickets, hotels or Airbnbs, and make sure that you know what cancellation policies apply in the event that you are not allowed to travel to Finland under the guidelines of the Finnish Ministry of the Interior.

Preferred Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Hotel Scandic Marski

Hotel Scandic Marski is a newly renovated Hotel on Mannerheimintie across the street from Stockmann's Department Store. Conveniently located close to the Formal Dinner and Business Meeting, Marski offers dynamic rates with flexible cancellation and re-booking options.

Bob W 

Bob W offers the best of both worlds, combining hotel amenities with vacation rental prices and atmosphere. Use the code STAYWITHBOBW to receive a dynamic discount rate on available rooms.


Helsinki has a great AirBnB selection. Please consider staying in one of Helsinki's many local apartments in the Design District, Punavuori, Eira, or Ullanlinna.

If you already registered and paid for Convention in Helsinki 2020, you will be refunded in full.

Since we are not able to organize the originally planned full convention package, all ticket-holders will be refunded for their registration fee last year. You will be contacted 

Please sign up at the bottom of the page or by using the link at the top, and please contact us with any questions


If you have any questions about Convention, please contact kristian.pentti@gmail.com and we'll be happy to help. We hope to see you in August.