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Our Members

“Originally, I had estimated that if, by good personal selection, 10% of my Vikings proved to be leaders in their countries, then the program would be a success. Now I am sure that the figure will be at least 50%.”    – Tom Brittingham (1957)

Vikings come from all backgrounds with an endless array of passions, interests and hobbies.  Since their time on scholarship, Vikings have gone on to become leaders in government, change-drivers for non-profits, and pioneers of industry.

Each year, our organization grows as we select new scholars to travel to and fro the Nordics.  During their studies and extensive travels, scholars meet with numerous Viking alumni to learn from those who have found success and reminisce about the joys of past scholarship experiences.

Now, our organization is proudly held together by over 400 Vikings from the past six decades. No matter what they choose to do, Vikings are driven by a passion for what they care for most.

Each year, at the end of August, Vikings reconnect at convention.  Beyond reminiscing about past travels and welcoming the new scholars, convention is also an opportunity for academic exploration.  Every year, a morning business meeting is slotted into the schedule of festivities to discuss the future of the organization and how we can further enhance the scholarship experience.  Furthermore, BVO TED Talks are held by alumni of the scholarship to teach other members about an issue or technology they are passionate about.  In this way, alumni of the organization continue to employ the open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity promoted by Tom Brittingham when he founded the organization.

Vikings by the numbers:

Year founded: 1953

New scholars each year: 12 – 14

Norwegian Vikings: 61 / 15%
Swedish Vikings: 77 / 18%
Finish Vikings: 54 / 13%
Danish Vikings: 46 / 11%

American Vikings: 180 / 43%

Total Vikings: 418

Convention 2016 - Norway